Here’s the good news: there’s still plenty

In fact, one of the great things about starting a blog in 2022 (instead of 2012) is that blogging software has become easier and easier to use each year. If you can send an email, you can start a blog. You don’t need any specialist knowledge and you certainly don’t need to understand computer programming […]

What kind of blogger do you want to be?

Congratulations, you’ve decided that you want to enter the blogosphere and dive into the fun, new hobby of blogging! There are so many steps to follow and processes to understand that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Rather than jump feet first into selecting a blogging platform or designing a beautiful logo, take a […]

Selecting hosted blogging software

When you choose to blog using a hosted blog service, you don’t need to worry about the software technology at all. You can concentrate on the topic for your next blog post, rather than on how to configure a web server. To use hosted blogging software, you log into the editing tool, write a post, click the […]